It Started with a Touch by Roger Goldsmith at Barons Crt

It Started With A Touch, by Roger Goldsmith, at the Barons Court Theatre, a fringe venue in West Kensington, from 6 to 18 Sep 2011.

Cast includes Robert Eldridge, Charlotte Hunter, Gareth Rubin, Lindsey Readman, Patric Howe, Francesca Hoyland, Nicola Campbell.

Could you report your own family member to the police? When Caroline Long witnesses her son Steven assaulting an innocent man, she is forced to make that difficult decision. But her choice comes with its own consequences.

The play is loosely based on a true story. The author said: ‘I was watching GMTV Breakfast TV in August 2009, and a woman from Chichester told the story of how she had reported her two sons to the police, when they attacked and blinded an innocent man in one eye. Her sons were convicted of assault and sent to prison for two years, and her family rejected her.'

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