Jack Frost's White Christmas at St John's Smith Square

Jack Frost's White Christmas, a new Christmas show written by Rachel Barnett, with music by Jeff Moore, at the St John's Smith Square, a concert venue in Westminster, south London, from 27 Dec 2012 to 6 Jan 2013.

Everyone knows Santa Claus lives at the North Pole, but fewer people know that Jack Frost is his next door neighbour. It’s Jack’s job to make sure there’s enough snow and ice around for Santa’s sled to be able to take off properly so he can deliver the presents at Christmas.

But this year there’s a problem. Santa and Jack have had a big row and are refusing to speak to each other. Without Jack there’s no snow – which means no Christmas! Jack’s son and Santa’s daughter can’t make their dads see eye to eye – so they set out on an Arctic adventure to find another way to bring snow back to the North Pole... Can Jimmy Frost and Bella Claus survive their thrilling adventures with polar bears, fire breathing enchantresses and a particularly abominable snowman? Can Jack and Santa settle their differences in time to come to the rescue? Or will this be the end not only of this Christmas... but of every Christmas ever?

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