Jamie Lloyd directs an immersive Philip Ridley double bill at Shoreditch Town Hall

One revival and a world premiere set for Shoreditch.

Philip Ridley double bill

Shoreditch Town Hall have announced an immersive double-bill of Philip Ridley plays, including the world première of Killer and a new production of The Pitchfork Disney which will run at the east London venue in spring 2017.

Directed by Jamie Lloyd, both productions will run in ‘The Ditch’ basement spaces of Shoreditch Town Hall, playing in rep from 28 February 2017.

Jamie Lloyd said of the news: “Philip Ridley is a maverick iconoclast of British culture, whose work includes plays, screenplays, novels, music, performance art, painting, photography and more. His innovative output has been a major influence on my own practice, and I am fascinated to explore the depth of his work via his first play alongside, and in the context of, his most recent theatre piece.”

The Pitchfork Disney, Ridley's first play written in 1991, will run from 27 January to 18 March 2017, with an official opening on 2 February. It will star George Blagden, Tom Rhys Harries, Seun Shote and Hayley Squires in a production directed by Jamie Lloyd with design by Soutra Gilmour, lighting by Richard Howell and sound by Ben & Max Ringham and George Dennis.

"Presley and Haley have bolted their East London home against the terrors of the world. Since their parents died ten years ago, they have found comfort in chocolate, medication and fantasies of nuclear apocalypse. But, one night, Presley sees a beautiful stranger on the street outside. And while Haley sleeps, he lets their worst nightmare in."

The world première of Killer will star John MacMillan, running from 22 February to 8 April 2017, with an official opening on 27 February 2017.

"A loner finds an albino ostrich that can perform miracles. A teenager stumbles on a mysterious doorway leading to a Jurassic world. A one-legged surfer grows a new limb. Killer is a magical and, at times, menacing anthology of stories told in the recesses of the dark...Employing binaural sound, director Jamie Lloyd takes you on an intimate journey within the bowels of Shoreditch Town Hall and the depths of your psyche. In this world première production, Philip Ridley's darkly comic collection of new monologues shiver with the anxiety of our age."

Tickets for both productions are now on sale.


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