Julius Caesar at Jack Studio Theatre 28 Feb 2012

Immersion Theatre presents Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare, directed by James Tobias & Roderick Morgan, designed by James Tobias, at the Jack Studio Theatre, Brockley, from 28 Feb 2012 - 10 Mar 2012.

Cast includes Anna Bond, Liam Mulvey, Rochelle Parry, James Clifford, Nick Bechman, Anthony Pinnick, Tom Bates, Jodie Raven, Jasmine Desmond, Frank Teale, Eleanor Burke, Chris Leaney.

Set amongst the sordid streets of a dystopian bohemia, we are confronted with the remains of a once strong and powerful Rome. A city which has decayed into a society of corruption and lawlessness, now governed in name by the powerful Matriarch known as Caesar, but in reality by violence, ambition and brutality.

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