Kalashnikov, in the woods by the Lake Theatre503

Kalashnikov, in the woods by the Lake at Theatre503 a fringe venue in Battersea, South London from 17-29 Oct 2011.

It is being staged by Pursued by a Bear Productions, directed by Helena Bell and stars Andrew Neil (Kalashnikov), Maggie O'Brien (Makka)

In the winter of 1942, a young tank sergeant named Mikhail Kalashnikov was lying wounded in hospital. Listening to his injured comrades bemoan their faulty rifles, he decided to do something about it. A young journalist, Volkov, comes to ask Kalashnikov about his time on the front line and his subsequent invention of the AK47. Kalashnikov initially welcomes Volkov into his home. But as the questions harden and ambiguities appear in Kalashnikov¹s recollections, some painful and uncomfortable truths emerge. But can anyone truly be responsible for all they bring into the world?

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