Keepsake by Gregory Beam at the Old Red Lion Theatre

Free Trade Productions presents Keepsake, a new play by Gregory Beam, at the Old Red Lion, a 60-seat fringe venue in Angel, north London, from 7 to 25 Jan 2014.

Directed by Sean Martin, cast includes Lou Broadbent (Samara), Dilek Rose (Abra/Safweh), James Corscadden (Danny), Allon Sylvain (Yassir).

Designed by Katie Bellman, lighting by Will Scarnell, sound by Angus MacRae.

In the wake of their father’s suicide, Abra and her adopted sister Samara find themselves together again in their childhood home in Massachusetts. While confronting the troubling circumstances of their father’s death, the sisters attempt to reconnect over drinks and discussions about life, work, and love. But when Abra asks Samara to make a huge personal sacrifice, Samara delivers a reckoning that has been building for almost twenty years.

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