Lady-Led season at Ovalhouse, Kennington.

The Ovalhouse Theatre, Kennington has announced its new season entitled Lady-Led, shows include:

26 Oct - 12 Nov 2011
Lagan, written by Stacey Gregg, directed by Jane Fallowfield, produced by Root Theatre. Ian returns home to find old values and new shopping centres. A woman talks to her son’s ghost amid scaffolding. A taximan picks up a pint of milk for his drunken dad, and a young woman discovers the possibility of love. An intimate and absorbing insight into the people and city with a past like no other.

01 Nov - 19 Nov 2011
Tomboy Blues (or The Theory of Disappointment) by Mars.tarrab. In 2010 nat was asked for 94th time if she was in the right toilet, and Rachel refound the Spiderman trainers of her youth, and so began the journey towards Tomboy Blues – The Theory of Disappointment. They began conversations with each other, academics, doctors, children, parents and audiences about when and where our childhood hopes and expectations for the future change, and whether disappointment is an inevitable by product of human existence.

15 Nov - 03 Dec 2011
Taniwha Thames, written by by Shaky Isles and directed by Stella Duffy. A sea-monster, a water-spirit, a shape shifter, watching you, calling you, calling us. There is a Taniwha in the Thames.

22 Nov - 10 Dec 2011
Same Same written by Shireen Mula and directed by Rachel Briscoe and Dan Barnard, produced by fanSHEN. Two women and the echoes of an event which defines who they are, except each woman has only half of the information. If they met, they’d both know what really happened. But fiction is forgiving. Putting things back together might not be. Time travels in curves as two women drift in and out of each another's lives until – Today. Today everything spins out of control and Nid and Asha must decide: stop or go, begin or end, now or never.

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