Later, After at Drayton Arms from 7 to 11 July

Later, After, a new drama by Jane Harvey-Berrick and Mike Speirs, will be presented at the Drayton Arms Theatre, a fringe pub venue near south Kensington, from 7 to 11 July 2015.

The production will be directed by Elizabeth Thick and cast includes Neil Anthony (Alex) and Flora Sowerby (Helen Ashton).

Synopsis: "A police cell, London, so late it's nearly morning. Alex has been arrested after punching a man unconscious ('He missed. I don't.'). But is he fit to be charged? Duty psychiatrist Helen Ashton is called in to assess him. Alex – a former Ammunition Technician, 'bomb disposal officer to you' – isn't impressed. He doesn’t want to be assessed. Or diagnosed. Or treated. After all, what's the point?"

The play is influenced by real events and seeks to unpick the realities and physical/psychological impact of working in a war zone.

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