Letters From Everyone at Drayton Arms from 24 Nov

Drayton Arms Theatre & Lonesome Schoolboy Productions present Letters From Everyone, by Steven Lally, at the Drayton Arms Theatre, a fringe pub venue near south Kensington, from 24 November to 20 December 2014.

The play, which is directed by Niall Phillips and has set design by Dacter Pinch, takes a look at the hold that the dead have over the living.

Synopsis: "Sam is a homeless girl who begs by and obsessively reads the letters by a roadside memorial. Andy’s the grieving father who’s desperate to move her. Jamie’s a posh kid who thinks he can help. And Julia. She’s a copper whose instincts tell her that there’s more to this than meets the eye."

Steven Lally's last full play, ‘Oh Well Never Mind Bye’, premiered at the Union Theatre Southwark in 2009 and later transferred to the Redstitch Theatre in Melbourne.

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