Margaret Cho at Her Majesty's 9 April 2006

Margaret Cho at Her Majesty's 9 April 2006

Margaret Cho: We Will Shoot You, will be at Her Majesty's Theatre for one performance on Sunday 9 April 2006

We Will Shoot You - inspired by the recent US Vice President Dick Cheney shooting accident - includes Margaret Cho's political observations about everything from Martha Stewart to the Pope. London audiences will be treated to some of her best-loved, most quoted classic routines and they will find out why Margaret's mother has become a much loved celebrity of her own in the U.S.

The previous day, Saturday 8 April , her new feature film comedy, "Bam Bam and Celeste", which she describes as a "fag and fag hag - Dumb and Dumber", is premiered as part of the 20th London Lesbian and Gay and Film Festival at the NFT.

A politicised champion of the under-dog, Margaret¹s audience crosses all social barriers; women, people of colour, college students, gays and lesbians, Asians, comedy fans - basically, anyone who has ever felt invisible. She has become a role model for so many who feel alone and isolated in society.

Margaret Cho last appeared in London 18 months ago ago at the New Players Theatre as part of her "State of Emergency" tour.

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