Maurice by E. M. Forster - Above the Stag 2 March 2010

Maurice, written by Roger Parsley and Andy Graham from the novel by E. M. Forster, at the Above the Stag Theatre, in Victoria central London, from 2 to 28 March 2010

It is directed by Tim McArthur and features Laura Armstrong, Gavin Dobson, Jonathan Hansler, Persia Lawson, Adam Lilley, Leanne Masterton, Stevie Raine, Rob Stott, Gil Sutherland.

A story of passion, bravery and defiance set against the repressive and hypocritical attitudes of Edwardian England.

Maurice’s future is mapped out from childhood. Only when he goes to Cambridge does he start to question the expectations imposed upon him – by his family, by the British class system, by a restrictive society and by the legal and social taboos around homosexuality. His personal struggle to recognise his true self and accept ‘the love that dare not speak its name’ nearly breaks him. But this is more than a gay coming-of-age story. It explores our deepest insecurities – the need to fit in, having the courage to stand out and suddenly seeing society from the outside.

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