Miracle with Susannah York Leicester Sq 5 - 24 Jan

Ruby in the Dust presents Miracle, by Reza de Wet, at the Leicester Square theatre Basement from 5 to 24 Jan 2010, starring Susannah York.

Who is the stranger, dressed in black..? Why is there a dead girl in the trunk...? Six characters in search of redemption... Only a MIRACLE can save them.

Ruby in the Dust theatre company was "formed in 2006 by Young Vic director Linnie Reedman and composer/musical director Joe Evans when they met to discuss the possibility of turning Chekhov’s short story The Grasshopper into a production that would embrace drama, music and art into one format. This resulted in the debut production of “The Little Dressmaker” at the Union Theatre under the banner of Honest Hands Theatre Company from a line in that play: 'Give me your Honest Hands.' After the success of this first production, Linnie and Joe continued to collaborate, seeking stories that fire the imagination and that give scope for musical expression. They quickly came to the conclusion that what they enjoyed was giving well known stories an unusual twist, which led to renaming the company RUBY IN THE DUST."

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