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Miss Julie at Theatro Technis, Camden

Miss Julie, written by August Strindberg in a version by Frank McGuinness, is at the Theatro Technis, Camden, 22 Nov - 26 Nov 2011.

Directed by Roger Beaumont, produced by The Tower Theatre Company, designed by Phil Lindley, sound by Phil Ley, lighting by Miguel Vicente.

Cast includes Louise Bakker (Miss Julie), Jill Ruane (Christine), Jack Lowe (John).

It’s Midsummer’s Night on the Count’s Estate and everyone is engaged in celebrations except for John, a servant and his intended, Christine. Enter Miss Julie, the daughter of the master of the house. She finds herself drawn to John, a footman with ambitions. Throughout the night, mistress and servant play an ever more intense game of sexual politics until morning breaks into a tragic climax.

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