Moby-Dick adapted by Sebastian Armesto at Arcola Studio

simple8 presents Moby-Dick based on novel by Herman Melville, adapted and directed by Sebastian Armesto, Arcola Studio 1, a fringe venue in east London, from 27 Mar to 4 May 2013.

Designed by Simon Alison and Sebastian Armesto, with lighting by Sherry Coenen, the cast includes Oliver Birch, Nicholas Bishop, David Brett, Christopher Doyle, Joseph Kloska, Leroy Osei-Bonsu, Mat Wandless, Sargon Yelda.

Nantucket.1851. Centre of a whaling industry that transformed blubber into the oils and candles that lit the world. It’s there that a schoolmaster called Ishmael arrives to ship on a whale-boat. He enrols under Ahab, Captain of the Pequod – a man bent on destroying the white whale that lost him his leg. Certain the destruction of his nemesis will slake his thirst; Ahab’s single-minded pursuit of Moby-Dick consumes Ishmael, the crew and the Pequod itself.

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