Naked Boys Singing at the Charing Cross Theatre

Steven M Levy and Sean Sweeney and Canonbury Productions present Naked Boys Singing, directed by Phil Willmott and choreographed by Andrew Wright at the Charing Cross Theatre, an off west end venue in central London, from 27 Jan 2012 - 19 May 2012.

Cast includes Matt Beadle, Davis Brook, Michael Cotton, Rudi Last, David Malcolm, Daniel Slade, Will Stokes, Nathan Taylor.

This 70-minute review‚ features eight good-looking and talented male actors‚ celebrating the glories of the naked male body through a series of catchy, pithy cabaret numbers, both funny and poignant. Savour the anticipation as the snappily dressed guys audition for the show's all-naked finale. Who would you pick and will they live up to your expectations when their clothes come off.

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