National Theatre New Season to April 2013

The National Theatre has announced its schedule to April 2013

Public booking opens 23 Nov 2012 for new production and extensions.

It is also announced that from February 2013, the Cottesloe Theatre will be refurbished as part of the NT Future transformation project, re-opening in spring 2014 as the Dorfman Theatre with improved facilities.

From April 2013 the NT will open The Shed: a temporary performance space at the front of the building. "Celebrating new theatre that is adventurous, ambitious and challenging", the programme will feature a mix of emerging and established artists, visitors from around the world and a range of unexpected collaborations.

There is only one new production announced and that is in the Olivier Theatre. THE CAPTAIN OF KOPENICK
by Carl Zuckmayer, in a new English version by Ron Hutchinson, opening 5 Feb 2013, following previews from 29 Jan - closing 4 April 2013. Directed by Adrian Noble, designed by Anthony Ward, lighting by Neil Austin, sound by Mic Pool. Starring Antony Sher, Sandy Batchelor, Paul Bentall, Jason Cheater, Paul Chequer, Alan David, Robert Demeger, James Hayes, Barnaby Kay, David Killick, Siobhán McSweeney, Nick Malinowski, Anthony O’Donnell, Olivia Poulet, Iris Roberts, Nick Sampson, Adrian Schiller, Robin Weaver, Joseph Wilkins, Lynne Wilmot. Released after fifteen years in prison, trapped in a bureaucratic maze, petty criminal Wilhelm Voight wanders 1910 Berlin in desperate, hazardous pursuit of identity papers. Luck changes when he picks up an abandoned military uniform in a fancy-dress shop and finds the city ready to obey his every command. At the head of six soldiers, he marches to the Mayor’s office, cites corruption and confiscates the treasury with ease. But still what he craves is official recognition that he exists.

As previously announced the sold out National Theatre production of THIS HOUSE by James Graham, transfers from the Cottesloe, to the larger Olivier Theatre, opening 28 Feb 2013, following previews from 23 Feb - booking to 8 April 2013. Original cast members continuing with their roles include Phil Daniels, Julian Wadham, Gunnar Cauthery, Charles Edwards, Vincent Franklin, Christopher Godwin, Andrew Havill, Ed Hughes, Helena Lymbery, Lauren O’Neil, Matthew Pidgeon. Richard Ridings, Giles Taylor, Tony Turner, Rupert Vansittart. Directed by Jeremy Herrin. 1974. The UK faces economic crisis and a hung parliament. In a culture hostile to cooperation, it’s a period when votes are won or lost by one, when there are fist fights in the bars and when sick MPs are carried through the lobby to register their vote. It’s a time when a staggering number of politicians die, and the building creaks under idiosyncrasies and arcane traditions. Set in the engine rooms of Westminster, This House strips politics down to the practical realities of those behind the scenes: the whips who roll up their sleeves and on occasion bend the rules to shepherd and coerce a diverse chorus of MPs within the Mother of all Parliaments.



Productions Extending/Closing ....
The Magistrate (extends, now closes to 10 Feb 2013)
The Effect (extends, now closes 23 Feb 2013)
Port (extends, now closes 24 March 2013)
People (extends to 2 April 2013)


New Platforms
Unless stated: 6pm / Length 45 mins

John Lithgow
Mon 10 Dec, Olivier
Currently appearing in The Magistrate, the actor, musician and author talks to Nicholas Hytner about his career, which includes Dexter on TV, and the Shrek films.

Philip Pullman
Wed 2 Jan, Olivier Philip Pullman talks about his approach to retelling the fairytales of the Brothers Grimm in his new version of the stories, Grimm’s Tales for Young and Old, as Hansel and Gretel plays in the Cottesloe.

Ian Kelly
Tue 15 Jan, Cottesloe
The actor and historian discusses Mr Foote’s Other Leg, the riotously true story of the one-legged comedian and ‘Oscar Wilde’ of the Georgian stage, Samuel Foote.

Steven Berkoff
Tue 22 Jan, Cottesloe
The actor, director, writer and playwright talks to Geoffrey Colman about a new collection of his one-act plays – sharply written, shocking and endlessly surprising.

Andy de la Tour
Tue 5 Feb, Cottesloe
In his book Stand-up or Die, the actor currently appearing in People takes us on a journey into the gritty underground New York comedy circuit. He discusses the experience with Miles Jupp.

Benedict Nightingale
Fri 8 Feb, Cottesloe
The former Times theatre critic is joined by Michael Billington to discuss Great Moments in Theatre, his entertaining tour through theatrical openings from Oedipus Rex to Jerusalem, including Plenty and Arcadia at the NT.

Adrian Noble on The Captain of Köpenick
Tue 5 Mar, Olivier
The director talks about his production. James Graham and Jeremy Herrin on This House Tue 19 Mar, Olivier The writer and director discuss the production with Christopher Campbell as it transfers from the Cottesloe.

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