National Theatre New Season to April 2014

The National Theatre has announced its schedule to April 2014, which includes the previously reported King Lear directed by Sam Mendes.

Public Booking opens 29 Nov 2013 for new productions in Olivier & Lyttelton. Booking for The Shed is now open.


by William Shakespeare, opens 23 Jan 2014, following previews from 14 Jan, booking to 25 March 2014. Directed by Sam Mendes, cast includes Simon Russell Beale (King Lear), Stephen Boxer (Gloucester), Tom Brooke (Edgar), Kate Fleetwood (Goneril), Anna Maxwell Martin (Regan), Adrian Scarborough (Fool), Stanley Townsend (Kent), Sam Troughton (Edmund) and Olivia Vinall (Cordelia). An aged king decides to divide his kingdom between his three daughters, according to which of them is most eloquent in praising him. His favourite, Cordelia, says nothing.



by Shelagh Delaney, opens 18 Feb 2014, following previews from 10 Feb - booking to 5 April 2014. Directed by Bijan Sheibani, cast includes Lesley Sharp (Helen) and Kate O’Flynn (Jo). When her mother Helen runs off with a car salesman, feisty teenager Jo takes up with a black sailor who promises to marry her, before he heads off for the seas, leaving her pregnant and alone. Art student Geoff moves in and assumes the role of surrogate parent until, misguidedly, he sends for Helen and their unconventional setup unravels. Set in post-war Salford.


ANALOG.UE Daniel Kitson returns to the National Theatre with a new show about a prerecorded story, from 25 Feb 2014 to 20 March 2014. A mess of cables. A mound of electronic junk. A single cassette player. And then —Lights. Power Sockets. Audio Tape. Televisions. Vinyl. Neon Words. VCR Machines. Speaker cables. Amplifiers. At least one Ladder. Video Tape. Speakers. Super 8. Microphones. Projectors. And running..Lots and lots of running.



created by Carrie Cracknell and Nick Payne, written by Nick Payne, opens 22 Jan 2014, following previews from 16 Jan - closes 22 Feb 2014. Design by Bunny Christie, lighting by Lucy Carter, cast includes Marion Bailey, Michaela Coel, Bryony Hannah, Sinead Matthews, Ruth Sheen, Claire Skinner and Susannah Wise. This play is a journey through the minefield of contemporary gender politics and includes songs.

Productions Extending ....
From Morning to Midnight extends and closes 26 Jan 2014
The Light Princess extends and closes 2 Feb 2014
Emil and the Detectives extends and closes 18 March 2014

New Platforms
Unless stated: 6pm / Length 45 mins/ £4

Marianne Elliott and Rae Smith on The Light Princess
Thu 9 January, 6pm, Lyttelton
The director and designer reflect on the new musical.

Mark Haddon and Simon Stephens on The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
Tues 14 January, 5pm, Apollo Theatre
The writer and playwright talk about adapting the award-winning novel into a successful play.

In Context: Adapting Children’s Novels for the Stage
Thu 16 January 2014
2 – 4.30pm, John Lyon Education Studio, £20
Playwrights, including Carl Miller (Emil and the Detectives) and Samuel Adamson (The Light Princess), discuss their approach to adapting children’s novels for the stage.

Talking Lear
Tue 28 Jan, 3pm, The Shed
A series of interviews with members of the King Lear company, in which they talk about the play and their roles. One hour, £5
Goneril, Regan, Cordelia: Kate Fleetwood, Anna Maxwell Martin and Olivia Vinall

Talking Lear
Tue 4 Feb, 3pm, The Shed
A series of interviews with members of the King Lear company, in which they talk about the play and their roles. One hour, £5
Gloucester, Edmund, Edgar: Stephen Boxer, Sam Troughton and Tom Brooke

Talking Lear
Wed 5 February, 6pm, Olivier
A series of interviews with members of the King Lear company, in which they talk about the play and their roles. One hour, £5
Lear: Simon Russell Beale

Alain de Botton
Thu 6 Feb, Olivier
The philosopher talks about his new book, The News, and asks what is it we’re looking for when we read or watch the news – and is it doing us any good?

Bijan Sheibani and Hildegard Bechtler on A Taste of Honey
Thu 20 February, 6pm, Lyttelton
The director and designer discuss the production.

The Writing of Snoo Wilson
Fri 21 Feb, The Shed
Snoo Wilson’s startling work, from Pignight and Blowjob for Portable Theatre in the 60s to Darwin’s Flood in the 90s, is celebrated by some of his collaborators over the last 50 years, including Howard Brenton and Simon Callow.

In Context: King Lear
Mon 24 Feb 2014
2 – 5pm, John Lyon Education Studio, £20
An in-depth introduction to King Lear led by Dr. Abigail Rokison (University of Birmingham) with member of the NT company.

The National Theatre Story
Mon 24 Feb, 5.30pm, Olivier
Daniel Rosenthal discusses his new history of the NT, from its origins in the 1840s and false dawns in the early 1900s, through to the Old Vic and South Bank productions of the last 50 years.

Lear – An Imperfect Mind with Mike Brearley and Laurie Maguire
Mon 3 Mar, 5.30pm,Olivier
‘I fear I am not in my perfect mind.’ The psychoanalyst, Mike Brearley, and the academic, Laurie Maguire, discuss Shakespeare’s understanding of the complexities of the human mind, as seen in King Lear.

Talking Lear
Fri 21 Mar, 3pm, Olivier
A series of interviews with members of the King Lear company, in which they talk about the play and their roles. One hour, £5
The Fool, Kent: Adrian Scarborough and Stanley Townsend

Dreams and Disappointments
Sat 22 Mar, 10.30am (90mins), Lyttelton
Shelagh Delaney’s ATaste of Honey inspired several plays set in working class Manchester and exploring family life. Alongside actors reading scenes from key work, Mancunian playwrights Jim Cartwright (Road) and Simon Stephens (Port) discuss this particular slice of Northern Realism.

Murray Melvin on A Taste of Honey
Fri 28 Mar, Lyttelton
The actor Murray Melvin, who appeared in the original production in 1958 and the film in 1961, discusses A Taste of Honey with Michael Billington.

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