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New comedy NotMoses to close early - Arts Theatre

Reviews for the production have not been favourable: "The cast strain under the sheer weight of lame gags" (Telegraph); "A handful of vigorous performances can't stop NotMoses feeling like a wildly overextended five-minute comedy stretch" (Evening Standard).

Synopsis: "Set in Ancient Egypt, this is the story of a crying baby who is plucked from his basket by a Princess only to be dumped back in the Nile when she sees a nicer baby, Moses. NotMoses grows up a disgruntled slave whilst Prince Moses studies accountancy at Pharaoh’s court. When both men are forced to flee into the Sinai desert, they make kebabs on the burning bush before the Good Lord himself orders them to lead the Jews out of bondage and into a land full of cows and bees. Eventually, it’s the alluring Miriam – a woman! – who leads the Exodus."

The production has set design by Carla Goodman, lighting by Humphrey McDermott and sound by Luke Swaffield, Cast includes Antonia Davies (Aviva), Dana Haqjoo (Pharaoh), Greg Barnett (NotMoses), Jasmine Hyde (Princess), Joe Morrow(Feripoti), Thomas Nelstrop (Moses), Niv Petel (Rameses) and Leon Stewart (Rabbi). Danielle Bird (Miriam), Izzy Lee and Theo Mackenzie alternate voice of Son of God.

NotMoses is produced in the West End by Magnet Productions Limited, with Julian Stoneman for MPSI Ltd.

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