New Season at 100-seat Trafalgar Studios 2

New Season at 100-seat Trafalgar Studios 2

The new season at the 100-seat Trafalgar Studios Two has been announced to 2 Sep 2006

Following the prevously mentioned Members Only by Fabrice Roger-Lacan, Translated by Christopher Campbell, starring Robert Bathurst & Nicolas Tennant( 28 Mar to 22 Apr 2006)

Other Productions include....

25 Apr 2006 to 20 May 2006
The Pocket Orchestra by Graeme Garden and Callum McLeod. Starring Sylvester McCoy. The complete history of classical music told through the lives of the great composers all in just 90 minutes!

23 May 2006 - 17 June 2006
Floodtide presents Fair by Joy Wilkinson. Directed by Helen Eastman, designed by James Cotterill, lighting by Neil Brinkworth. Confronts the racism brewing in Britain's northern towns and beyond. What's turning young people to the right? How and why are the BNP managing to recruit?

20 Jun - 15 Jul 2006
Lies Have Ben Told: An Evening with Robert Maxwell by Rod Beachum, starring Philip York . Directed by Alan Dosser, designed by Michael Taylor. On November 5th 1991, Robert Maxwell disappeared overboard from his yacht in the Canary Islands. His body was later found floating in the ocean. The official verdict was accidental drowning, but others suggested he committed suicide or been murdered by secret agents or Russian mafia hit men. Was Robert Maxwell a monster or the victim of racism and snobbery. In Lies Have Been Told: An Evening with Robert Maxwell, Maxwell gives his side of the story about the rumours surrounding his life and death. Whether he is telling the truth or not is another matter!

19 Jul - 12 Aug 2006
Human Voice / Sound of Silence double bill by Jean Cocteau. "The Human Voice" : Psychological drama unfolds in the form of an extended monologue - a one - sided telephone conversation - in which the woman on the verge of a breakdown tries to save what's left of a passionate love affair."The Sound of Silence" : Edith Piaf asked Cocteau to write something for her and the outcome was The Sound of Silence. (or Le Bel Indifferent). It was first performed in February 1940. Edith Piaf's performance was legendary. In this 'thrilling and atmospheric' new production, the part of the silent Gigolo will occasionally be performed by a guest British film star who will appear on stage unannounced.

21 Aug - 2 Sep 2006
Professor Bumm's Story Machine by The Black Sheep . Professor Bumm and his assistant Doctor Whee invite you to the unveiling of his latest invention in this crackpot comedy of made up madness. Mayhem, mirth and mess are guaranteed as the two eggheads race to turn words and ideas from the audience into new stories, hopefully with the help of their unpredictable new machine. This improvised comedy show from The Black Sheep is most suitable for ages 7+

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