New Shows at Trafalgar Studios 2

New Shows at Trafalgar Studios 2

The Trafalgar Studios 2 has announced new shows...

4 Sep to 27 Sep 2008
Well, By Lisa Kron. Directed by Eve Leigh, designed by Helen Goddard. Starring Sarah Miles (Ann Kron), Natalie Casey . Lisa is a New York performance artist who used to be very ill. Her mother is a Middle American housewife who healed her racially divided neighbourhood, but just can’t get well herself. Lisa’s trying to tell us about it, but it turns out that putting your attention-averse mother onstage with you is a really bad idea.

30 Sep to 25 Oct 2008
SH*T-M*X, by Leo Richardson. Directed by Samantha Potter , produced by CurvingRoad. Starring Aimee-Ffion Edwards, Jay Taylor, Steven Webb, Leo Richardson, Cassie Atkinson. . Raggedy Anne is gagging to go out with LB, but he has a few guilty secrets. Dirty Debbie isn’t really helping matters; all she’s concerned about is finishing her first erotic novel. Maybe Bent Ben will find out what’s wrong. And will anyone catch the eye of the elusive Harry the Hottie? Shows what it is to be a teenager.

1 Dec 2008 to 3 Jan 2009
Potted Potter - The Unauthorised Harry Experience with Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner. All seven Potter books in seventy minutes! Watch comic double act Dan and Jeff take on the ultimate challenge, with the help of endless costumes, songs, ridiculous props, and a generous helping of Hogwarts magic.

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