Nicholas Nickleby cast update at Gielgud

Nicholas Nickleby cast update at Gielgud

Cast update for Chichester transfer of Nicholas Nickleby - Parts 1 & 2, by Charles Dickens, adapted by David Edgar, which transfers to the Gielgud Theatre, opening 8 Dec 2007, following previews from 5 Dec 2007 - running to 27 Jan 2008.

Part 1 & 2 will run in repertoire!

The cast includes: Daniel Weyman (Nicholas), David Dawson (Smike), Pip Donaghy (Mr Squeers, Sir Mulberry Hawk), Veronica Roberts (Mrs Squeers & Mrs Crummles), Zoe Waites (Fanny Squeers), Hannah Yelland (Kate Nickleby), Abigail McKern (Mrs Nickleby). Jonathan Coy (Vincent Crummles & Arthur Gride), David Yelland (Ralph Nickleby), Richard Bremmer (Newman Noggs).

They plays are directed by Jonathan Church & Philip Franks, designed by Simon Higlett, with lighting by Mark Jonathan.

Follows Nicholas, left penniless on the death of his father, as he escapes the influence of his villainous Uncle Ralph and the tyrannical schoolmaster Wackford Squeers and embarks on a thrilling journey through 1880's England.

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