NT ANNOUNCES SCHEDULE 14th Jan 02 to 9th Mar 02

NT ANNOUNCES SCHEDULE 14th Jan 02 to 9th Mar 02

The Royal National Theatre have announced their new schedule covering 14th Jan 02 to 9th Mar 02


Opening in this period

(Cottesloe, 5 perfs only: 14,15,16,23 & 24th Jan 02).
by Harold Pinter
Directed by Gari Jones Henry Woolf

by Moliere, in a new translation by Ranjit Bolt.
(Lyttelton, Previews 23rd Feb, Opens 5th Mar 02).
Directed by Lindsay Posner
Starring: Martin Chamberlain, Martin Clunes (Tartuffe), Debra Gillett, Tom Goodman-Hill, Suzanne Heathcote, Clare Holman, Andrew McDonald, Bill Moddy, Marianne Morley, Melanie Clark Pullen, Nick Sampson, David Threlfall, Sam Troughton, Margaret Tyzack, Julian Wadham, Deborah Winckles
The religious hypocrite Tartuffe has wormed his way into the once ordered merchant Oregon. Under the guise of piety, he looks set to succeed in driving away the son, marrying the daughter, seducing the wife, imprisoning Orgon and leaving the family destitute.

The Syringa Tree
by Pamela Gien
(Cottesloe, Previews 9th Feb, Opens 14th Feb 02).
Directed by Larry Moss and produced by Matt Salinger / US Productions
Starring: Pamela Gien
A moving story of an abiding love between two families - one black, one white - and the two children born into their shared household in South Africa in the early 1960s. First seen through the eyes of a six-year-old girl trying to make sense of the chaos and magic of her world, the play follows the families' destinies through four generations from early apartheid to the present day free South Africa.

by Sebastian Barry
(Cottesloe, Previews 28th Feb, Opens 4th Mar 02)
Directed by Max Stafford-Clark and produced by Royal National Theatre / Abbey Theatre Dublin / Out of Joint.
Starring: Kieran Ahern, Phelim Drew, anna Healy, James Hayes, Patrick Malahide, Lucianne McEvoy, Dearbhla Molloy
Johnny Silvester, father of the nation, won the hearts and votes of Ireland. But that was in his heyday. Now, as this bright hinterland recedes, he finds himself revisited by a dubious past. Can tragedy redeem him in a absence of remorse? And where is that Special Branch man when Johnny so sorely needs him?

**Public booking opens in the week beginning Monday 3rd Dec if booking by post or fax, public booking opens 17th Dec 01 if booking by phone, in person, or through agencies**

Closing in this period
Gagarin Way,(Cottesloe, 31st Jan 02)
The Good Hope,(Cottesloe, 5th Feb 02)
The Wonder of Sex,(Lyttelton, 16th Feb 02)

New Platforms announced....

John Lahr
(17th Jan 02 / 6pm Lyttelton)
Reflects on the nature of evolution of dramatic criticism

Trevor Nunn
(18th Jan 02 / 6pm Olivier)
Talks about South Pacific

Susannah York
(28th Jan 02 / 6pm Cottesloe)
Presents 'The Loves of Shakespeare's Women', her anthology of the bard's multifarious female characters. (She will be signing her book after the show).
(This has been rescheduled from 10th Dec)

Sketches 1
(8th Feb 02, 6pm, Lyttelton)
Readings of Harold Pinter's short works: "The Black and White", "Tess", "That's Your Trouble", "Trouble In the Works".

Sketches 2
(11th Feb 02, 6pm, Lyttelton)
Readings of Harold Pinter's short works: "Last To Go", "Night", "Special Offer", "That's All".

The National Theatre of Brent
(14th Feb 02 / 6pm Lyttelton)
Desmond Olivier Dingle & Raymond Box Talk about their work

John Kani & Winston Ntshona
(19th Feb 02 / 6pm Cottesloe)
Talks about Athol Fugard's "The Island"

Pamela Gien
(20th Feb 02 / 6pm Cottesloe)
Talks about "Syringa Tree"

Theatre in a Cool Climate
(21st Feb 02 / 6pm Cottesloe)
Colin Chambers & Vera Gottlieb's study of theatre at the start of the 21st century.

Sebastian Barry
(6th Mar 02 / 6pm Cottesloe)
Talks about "Hinterland"

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