NT ANNOUNCES SCHEDULE 28th July to 2nd Sep 01

NT ANNOUNCES SCHEDULE 28th July to 2nd Sep 01

The Royal National Theatre have announced their new schedule covering 28th July 01 to 22nd Sep 01.


Opening in this period

All My Sons, by Arthur Miller (Lyttelton, Previews 28th Jul, Opens 7th Aug 01). Returns to the national directed by Howard Davis and starring Ben Daniels, Laurie Metcalf, Nigel Cooke, Charles Edwards, James Hazeldine, Madeleine Potter, Harriet Thorpe.

Humble Boy, by Charlotte Jones (Cottesloe, Previews 3rd Aug, Opens 9th Aug 01). Directed by John Caird, and starring Diana Rigg, Simon Russell Beale, Denis Quilley, Cathryn Bradshaw, Marcia Warren.

Mother Clap's Molly House, by Mark Ravenhill (Lyttelton, Previews 22nd Aug, Opens 4th Sep 01). Directed by Nicholas Hytner, starring Deborah Findlay, Iain Mitchell, Paul Ready, Ian Redford, Jay Simpson

Cloudstreet, adapted by Nick Enright and Justin Monjo from the novel by Tim Winton (Olivier, from 5th to 22nd Sep 01). Directed by Neil Armfield. (Produced by Company B Belvoir / Black Swan)

****Public booking is now open if booking by post or fax, public booking opens 9th July 01 if booking by phone, in person, or through agencies**

Closing in this period
The Winter's Tale,(Olvier, 16th Aug 01
Marriage Play /Finding the Sun,(Cottesloe, 5th Sep 01)

New Platforms announced....

Humble Boy
(10th Aug 01 / 6pm Cottesloe (45mins))
with John Caird and Charlotte Jones

Mother Clap's Molly House
(3rd Sep 01 / 6pm Lyttelton (45mins))
with Nicholas Hytner & Mark Ravenhill

(8th Sep 01 / 3.30pm Olivier (45mins))
with Neil Armfield

Clement Freud
(12th Sep 01 / 2pm Olivier (1hr 30 mins))
Clement Freud, a household name for his numerous radio broadcasts, presents a selection of thoughts and anecdotes in his characteristically droll and incisive manner.

A Celebration of the Life of John Gielgud
(14th Sep 01 / 2pm Olivier (1 hr 30 mins))
Sheridan Morley leads a celebration of the life and work of John Gielgud.

John Mortimer
(19th Sep 01 / 2pm Olivier (1 hr))
Talks about his long and disinguished career.

Sian Phillips
(21st Sep 01 / 6pm Cottesloe (45mins))
Talks about the second part of her autobiography.


New NT25 Platforms
National Theatre: Twenty Five Years on the South Bank
Special platforms celebrating 25 years on the south bank for The National Theatre. The first platforms looks back , year by year, on the NTs theatrical history. The events feature extracts and discussion with key figures talking about the most celebrated productions in each year.

Wild Honey
(1st Jun 01 / 6pm Olivier)

(18th Jun 01 / 6pm Cottesloe)

Brighton Beach Memoirs
(20th Jun 01 / 6pm Olivier)

A View from the Bridge
(28th Jun 01 / 6pm Cottesloe)

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
(2nd Jul 01 / 6pm Cottesloe)

Fuente Ovejuna
(20th Jul 01 / 6pm Cottessloe)

The Wind in the Willows
(26th Jul 01 / 6pm Cottessloe)

The Madness of King George III
(27th Jul 01 / 6pm Cottessloe)

An Inspector Calls
(14th Aug 01 / 6pm Cottessloe)

(21st Aug 01 / 6pm Cottessloe)

Broken Glass
(24th Aug 01 / 6pm Cottessloe)

A Little Night Music
(31st Aug 01 / 6pm Cottessloe)

John Gabriel Borkman
(4th Sep 01 / 6pm Cottessloe)

Amy's View
(10th Sep 01 / 6pm Cottessloe)

(14th Sep 01 / 6pm Cottessloe)

The Merchant of Venice
(18th Sep 01 / 6pm Cottessloe)

All My Sons
(19th Sep 01 / 6pm Cottessloe)

Celebriteas announced

Actors currently gracing the National's stages talk about their work and answer questions over cream tea in the Terrace Cafe. Chaired by Al Senter

Tickets £8 including cream tea
Running time: 1 hr 30 mins

Alex Jenning
3rd Aug 01 at 2.30pm

Guest to be confirmed
10th Aug 01 at 2.30pm

Guest to be confirmed
17th Aug 01 at 2.30pm

Brian Blessed
24th Aug 01 at 2.30pm

Bill Paterson
31st Aug 01 at 2.30pm

Sheila Gish
7th Sep at 2.30pm

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