Nunsense A-men! by Dan Goggin at Landor Theatre

The musical comedy Nunsense A-men!, by Dan Goggin, is at the Landor Theatre, a fringe venue in Clapham, south London, from 27 June to 28 July 2013.

Directed by Robert McWhir, the cast includes Sister Mary McArthur (creation of Tim McArthur) as the Reverend Mother; David Kristopher Brown, Alastair Knights, Paul Brangan, Josh Rochford..

It has choreography by Phillip Aiden, lighting by Richard Lambert, and the musical director is Michael Webborn. Produced by Theatrica Ltd for The Landor Theatre, in association with Peter Bull for Above The Stag.

OMG! Holy Mary MOG! The convent’s cook Sister Julia has accidentally poisoned almost all the nuns. Four bodies are still in the deep freeze, and there’s no money left to give them a good send-off. Whatever are they to do to raise the money? It’s obvious really. Let’s put on a show! Welcome to the fundraising gala of the Little Sisters of Hoboken - songs, anecdotes, unusual ballet and general mayhem are inevitable….oh, and also men dressed as nuns!

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