Odd Couple by Tower Theatre at Theatro Technis 26 July

Tower Theatre presents The Odd Couple, by Neil Simon, at the Theatro Technis Theatre, in Mornington Crescent, north London, from 26 to 30 July 2011.

Directed by Gigi Robarts, designed by Tony Bennett, lighting by Rich Evans, costumes by Lynda Twidale, sound by Laurence Tuerk.

Cast includes Lily Ann Green, Anne Connell, Katie Williams, Tracy-Leigh Batchelor, Deborah Rothfield, F.Wilde, Jonathan Benda, Jonathan Wober.

After being thrown out of his home, the fastidious and fussy Felix decides the only thing for him to do is to move in with his best friend, Oscar Madison, a divorced man living alone in an upper eastside Manhattan apartment. But friends don't always make the best roommates. Oscar is an incorrigible slob, hoarding week-old sandwiches under his pillows, while Felix is a neurotic housekeeper, compulsively vacuuming, dusting and polishing. Can these two men live together without killing each other?

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