Olives and Blood by Michael Bradford at Brixton East

Liminal Space presents Olives and Blood by Michael Bradford, at Brixton East, a new fringe venue in south London, from 23 Oct to 10 Nov 2013.

Directed by Prav MJ, cast includes Louis Labovitch (Lorca), Charlie Kerson (Trescante), Sam Churchill (Francisco/Antonio), Mark Byles (Eduardo/Alonso), Tom Osborne (Juan/Galindo/Ignacio), Alice Pitt-Carter (The Actress), Melissa Kelly-Franklin (Soledad).

1936. The start of the Spanish Civil War. One of Spain's greatest playwrights - Federico García Lorca - is assassinated. His body was never found...But someone must know something... One man bragged of his involvement that night. One man who hoped that 5 bullets, 1 dark hillside and 30 years of banned work would have the power to silence Lorca's voice But his voice lived on. And the silencer becomes the silenced.

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