Once Upon a Time at the Adelphi - Union Theatre 3 Mar

MokitaGrit Productions & The Steam Industry presents Once Upon a Time at the Adelphi, a musical written and directed by Phil Willmott, at the Union Theatre in south London, from 3 to 27 March 2010.

Musical director Michael Bradley, designed by Charlie Cridlan, choreography by Andrew Wright, costumes by Geraldine Spencer.

The cast includes Rebecca Hutchinson, Jamie Birkett, Lucyelle Cliffe, Ally Holmes, Jodie Michaels, Jon-Paul Hevey, Matt Markwick, Will Stokes, Marc Antolin, Matthew Naegeli, Emma Barr, Joanna Goodwin, Lucinda Lawrence, Lindsay Scigliano, Emily Barlow, Nicholas Collier, Benjamin Bond, Rudi Last.

1930's Liverpool, and the glitz and glamour of Hollywood pour off the luxury liners for their first taste of England: a night in the city's most fashionable hotel. Amidst all the decadence, no-nonsense Alice from reception has fallen for the dashing Thompson from accounts - but fate, Hollywood, two wars and a dizzying array of staff and guests intervene in an epic love story spanning 60 years.

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