Ordinary Darkness by Sarah Robertson - Hen & Chickens

Shaky Isles presents Ordinary Darkness, by Sarah Robertson, directed by Stella Duffy, at the Hen and Chickens Theatre, a fringe venue at Highbury Corner, north London, from 14 Nov to 1 Dec 2012.

Four people walk into a party – a dreamer, a schemer, a player and a banker. Come the morning, only one of them is still smiling. Flic, Becca and Max each have their own motives for squatting in a mansion in London; Flic wants to defy society, Becca sees herself as a wild party girl, and Max says he’s making them a home. But the rot has set in, and when Max brings home a surprise guest things turn ugly. Mr B is a fat cat banker who represents all they despise and all they want to destroy. And, just maybe, they will.

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