Pericles and Cymbeline at Drayton Theatre

Pistachio Choice presents two William Shakespeare productions at the Drayton Theatre, a fringe venue above the Drayton Arms pub in South Kensington.

Pericles, 5 Feb to 2 Mar 2013. Directed by Drew Mulligan, designed by Valentina Ricci, cast includes Emma Carroll, Stephen Connery-Brown, Ruth Rogers, Tim Wyatt. The world of Pericles is one full of wonder, treachery & perilous adventure. Throughout Pericles' lifelong journey, across six countries, he encounters love, loss and a longing for the life he never had.

Cymbeline, 5 to 30 Mar 2013. Directed by Antonio Ferrara, designed by Valentina Ricci. Cymbeline is a king with fading power. His sons are lost, his daughter has married beneath her and the overwhelming threat from the Romans is becoming greater by the day. Britain's future and his own are uncertain.

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