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Play written in support of Brexit Leave campaign to premiere in London

Will Longman
Will Longman

A new play written by two journalists in support of the Leave campaign is set to premiere at the Union Theatre in October.

Julie Burchill and Jane Robins' debut play, titled People Like Us, is set in a North London book club, where five friends meet and - inevitably - end up discussing Brexit. The play aims to reflect the polarising nature of debates surrounding the topic, which has left almost no middle ground, and strained relationships across the country.

Both journalists are outspoken supporters of the Leave campaign, with Burchill writing articles titled 'The Brexit divide wasn't between young and old, but Ponces and Non-Ponces' and 'The EU is a feminist issue. I'm voting to leave' for the Spectator, and Robins often tweets in support of leaving the EU, but the play promises to represent both sides of the debate.

People Like Us will run at the Union Theatre from 2nd to 20th October.

Announcing the play, Burchill said: "As a hardcore Brexiteer, I'm extremely curious as to what will happen and very much hope that People Like Us will add to the lively discussion around this topic."

Robins added: "Since Brexit, people seem to be dropping their friends with surprising alacrity. It's not only the political arguments causing the damage - it's also the thrill of condemnation and shunning, of pointing fingers at old friends and expelling them from your society. That's our subject-matter - Julie and I have had tremendous fun with it."

People Like Us is at the Union Theatre from 2nd to 20th October.

Photo courtesy: Laurence Elsdon (flickr)

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