In an interview with Annette Dasey of TELETEXT (www.teletext.co.uk) Sam Kane revealed some details of the new Queen Musical expected in the West End next year entitled We Will Rock You.

Sam Kane, who has auditioned for a part in the new show reveals "It's all the music from Queen and set in the future. It sounds like it's going to be sensational. It's set in the future - good versus evil - and all the Queen songs are going to be in there. The only analogy I can draw is Mamma Mia - they've got there storyline but used the songs from Abba, not a story about Abba. This is similar, very dramatic."

The character he is auditioning for is the wicked queen's sidekick. Kane says, "They've got an evil queen in there who hates rock music. I'm getting a basic grasp of what's going on. And the queen's sidekick has got to go around and do the queen's work by banishing rock music and anyone who listens to it or plays it but he secretly loves it himself and has quite a nasty streak in him and is setting the whole thing up so he can take over and rule the world himself. He's a devilish, bad, nasty character so it's great."

Kane reveals that rehearsals start in Feb 02, with an expected opening date in May 02.

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