Quills by Doug Wright at White Rabbit Cocktail Club

Second Skin Theatre presents Quills, by Doug Wright, at the White Rabbit Cocktail Club, a fringe venue in Stoke Newington, north London, from 17 Oct to 11 Nov 2012.

A re-imagining of the Marquis de Sade’s incarceration at Charenton’s insane asylum. France, 1806. The Marquis de Sade, infamous libertine and criminal, sentenced to life in a lunatic asylum, embarks on a mission to record in writing the thoughts and philosophies that have scandalised a whole nation. But his only sword is a quill: his opponents are armed with far deadlier weapons.

Directed by Andy McQuade, cast includes Peter Glover (Marquis de Sade), Chris Brown (Abbe de Coulmier), Stephen Connery-Brown (Doctor Royer-Collard), Lauren Kellegher (Renée Pelagie), Nika Khitrova (Madeleine LeClerc), Dan Shelton (Monsieur Prouix), Julia Taylor (Madame Royer-Collard)

Designed by Mike Lees, lighting by Sarah Crocker, costumes by Vana Giannoula.

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