Round the Horne..Revisited 2: new show at The Venue from 25 Jan 2005

Round the Horne..Revisited 2: new show at The Venue from 25 Jan 2005

Round The Horne...Revisited 2 will open at The Venue, Leicester Square, on 31 Jan 2005, following previews from 25 Jan 2005.

The Old show Round The Horne...Revisited, which opened a year ago, finishes on 22 Jan 2005 at the same venue.

The two new episodes of the riotous theatre version of the cult 60’s radio show are once again recreated in a faithful adaptation by the last remaining writer of the original shows – Brian Cooke.

Directed by Michael Kingsbury the production retains the same cast as previously: Charles Armstrong, Kate Brown, Nigel Harrison, Jonathan Rigby and Robin Sebastian.

This new adaptation is the third show of the series and once again takes the best of the original scripts and parodies, songs and characters and adds a few new ones, including a recital by the Round The Horne Gilbert, Sullivan and Saveloy Stretching Society.

Come and vada a few familiar eeks, see the outrageous Julian and Sandy meet Kenneth Horne for the very first time in 'Rentachap'. Take to the hustings on behalf of the 'Keep Britain Bona' party. Hear Rambling Syd Rumpo sing The Runcorn Splod Cobbler's Song. Plus an original Home-O-Graphic production of Rider Haggard's little known sequel 'He!' Son of 'She'…Grandnephew of 'Them'…Distantly Related to 'It'…and a Good Friend of Gordon's.

The play is written & adapted by Brian Cooke, based on scripts by Barry Took, Marty Feldman, Brian Cooke & Johnnie Mortimer.

"Relive ninety minutes of probably the most futtocky and funny radio series ever - live on stage!"

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