RSC at Hampstead Theatre cast includes Siobhan Redmond in Dunsinane and Jeremy Irons in The Gods Weep

Casting has been confirmed for two Royal Shakespeare productions at the Hampstead Theatre, a fringe venue in north London.

Dunsinane by David Greig, from 10 Feb to 6 March 2010. Directed by Roxana Silbert, starring Siobhan Redmond (Gruach), Jacob Anderson (Soldier), Brian Ferguson (Malcolm), Lisa Hogg (Gruach's woman/Hen Girl), Joshua Jenkins (Soldier/Lord), Alex Mann (Egham), Tony McGeever (Soldier/Lord), Mairi Morrison (Attendant), Jonny Phillips (Siward), Daniel Rose (Soldier), Ewan Stewart (Macduff), Sam Swann (Boy Soldier). A vision of one man's desire to restore peace in a country ravaged by war. Late at night in a foreign land, an English army sweeps through the landscape under cover of darkness and takes the seat of power. Struggling to contain his men and the ambitions of his superiors, the commanding officer attempts to negotiate the unspoken rules of this unfamiliar country. This is Scotland in the eleventh century at the height of the fight for succession of the Scottish throne.

The Gods Weep By Dennis Kelly, from 11 March to 3 April 2010. Directed by Maria Aberg, starring Jeremy Irons (Colm), Nikki Amuka-Bird (Beth), Karen Archer (Astrologer), Neal Barry (Ian), Babou Ceesay (Gavin), Sam Hazeldine (Old Soldier/Beth's husband), Joanna Horton (Barbara), Stephen Noonan (Richard), Luke Norris (Jimmy), Sally Orrock (Nadine), Helen Schlesinger (Catherine), Laurence Spellman (Martin), John Stahl (Castile), Matthew Wilson (Security Guard). Focuses on the life of a CEO whose global business may have grown to a scale that is uncontainable. Colm has taken a lifetime to build his empire. With brutal rigor he has shaped the world around him in his own image. As time moves on his decision-making abilities increasingly fail him and the world he has created begins to fracture. The power struggle that ensues reveals the corruption and unstoppable forces at work in a world where corporate greed and national security frighteningly overlap.

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