Sedos presents Gormenghast by Mervyn Peake - Bridewell

Sedos presents Gormenghast, by Mervyn Peake, adapted for the stage by John Constable, directed by Andy Marchant, at the Bridewell Theatre, in city of London, from 26 FEb to 2 March 2013.

Starring Alexandra Collins(the Thing), Benjamin Smith (Flay), Chris Dascalopoulos (Chorus), Dawn Williams (Cora/Clarice), Emily Porritt (Fuchsia), Franki Georghiou (Chorus), Gerry Skeens (the Countess), John Chapman (Swelter), Louisa Shindle (Clarice/Cora), Matt Matravers (Chorus), Myles Dobson (Titus Groan), Sara Rajeswaran (Chorus), Sarah Heenan (Barquentine), Seb Revell (Steerpike), Simon Hill (Sepulchrave), Stephen Russell (Doctor Prunesquallor).

What happens when the immovable object of iron clad tradition and rock-like ritual meets the unstoppable force of defiant youth with a savage hunger for change? The piece is a tapestry of oddness, bizarre characters and situations that build a story about social change. A new generation search for a new truth as they battle stuffy bureaucracy and the heritage of an ageing castle of ritual.

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