Sedos Summer Festival 2012 at the Bridewell Theatre

Sedos presents its Summer Festival 2012 at the Bridewell Theatre, in city of London, from 3 to 21 July 2012.

Push Up, by Roland Schimmelpfennig, translated by Maja Zade, from 3 to 7 July 2012. Everyone wants to get to the executive suite. Everyone wants the Delhi job. Everyone wants sex, everyone wants love. So, they push for it. Push Up is set in a world we all know: the world of work.

Baby, music by David Shire and lyrics by Richard Maltby Jr, from 10 to 14 July 2012. Baby tells the story of three couples on a university campus as they deal with the painful, rewarding and agonizingly funny consequences of this universal experience. There are the college students, barely at the beginning of their adult lives; the thirty-somethings, having trouble conceiving but determined to try; and the middle aged parents, looking forward to seeing their last child graduate from college when a night of unexpected passion lands them back where they started.

Man of Destiny / Sink the Belgrano!, a double bill, from 17 to 21 July 2012. MAN OF DESTINY by Bernard Shaw: An investigation of a young twenty-seven year old general by the name of Napoleon Bonaparte who has yet to achieve the accomplishments for which make him such an important figure in world history. In the play we find him waiting impatiently at an inn on the road between Lodi and Milan for a packet of dispatches to arrive, in which he will discover the truth of a personal betrayal. SINK THE BELGRANO! by Steven Berkoff: A political satire based on the events and personalities of the Falklands conflict with dark undertones. As Maggot Scratcher debates with her Downing Street lackeys Pimp and Nit, a supporting cast of submariners, Falklands residents, ministry hats and the President of Argentina describe and disseminate the events of 1982.

The festival also includes Grease Sing-a-long: for the closing event of the Summer Festival at 7pm on 21 July. Tickets include a hot dog, drink and goodie bag, plus the chance to win a prize for the best costume!

Every Wednesday during the Festival half of ticket sales proceeds goes to Mousetrap Theatre Projects, Sedos’s Charity of the Year for 2012.

There will be a Matinee Tea at all three Saturday matinees: come to tea from 1.30pm and have a cup of tea or coffee and a slice of cake for free before the show.

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