Shakespeare's Globe announces casts of Imogen and The Inn at Lydda

Shakespeare's Globe

Shakespeare's Globe has now revealed the casts of two upcoming productions - Imogen (which will play a limited engagement at the main space from 17th September to 16th October 2016, with an official opening on 23rd September) and The Inn at Lydda (at the Globe's more intimate and indoor Sam Wanamaker Playhouse from 2nd September to 17th September 2016, officially opening on 7th September).

Written by Matthew Dunster, the cast of Imogen will include Maddy Hill (Imogen), Jonathan McGuinness (Cymbeline), Ira Mandela Siobhan (Posthumus), Matthew Needham (Iachimo), Claire-Louise Cordwell (The Queen), Martin Marquez (Belarius), William Grint (Arviragus) and Scott Karim (Guiderius). Ensemble members include Leila Ayad, Okorie Chukwu, Sapphire Joy, Erica Kouassi, Joshua Lacey, Malik-Sankara Mosiah Watson, Anwar Russell and Kai Spellman.

Imogen is billed as "Shakespeare’s Cymbeline renamed and reclaimed." Imogen, daughter of Cymbeline, enrages her father by marrying against his will. Lies are then told about Imogen to her husband, Posthumous, and he decides she should die. In an urban world that is as strange, erotic and violent as Shakespeare’s ancient Britain, Imogen is forced to re-imagine herself as she fights for the life she deserves and not the one that is being determined for her.

Directed by Andy Jordan, the cast of The Inn at Lydda will include Stephen Boxer (Tiberius Caesar), Samuel Collings (Jesus), Joseph Marcell (Caspar), Richard Bremmer (Balthasar), Philip Cumbus (Caligula), David Cardy (Thrysullus), Matthew Romain (John), David Tarkenter (Quintius), Chris Lew Kum Hoi (Mnester) and Kevin Moore (Melchior). Ensemble members include Christopher Bianchi, Jessie Lilley and Owen Young.

The Inn at Lydda tells the tale of The mortally ill Roman Emperor Tiberius Caesar, who hears of the existence of a healer in Jerusalem who goes by the name of Jesus. Tiberius sets sail for the Holy Land in order to be healed by this apparently miraculous man. However, pausing at the city of Lydda, he learns that Jesus has been crucified three days earlier. Tiberius is devastated – but his world is soon turned on its head when he has the most remarkable meeting...

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