Shaw's Women at the Tristin Bates Theatre

A double bill of short plays by George Bernard Shaw, entitled Shaw's Women will run at the Tristin Bates Theatre in central London from 6 to 31 January 2015, presented by Jane Nightwork Productions.

The double bill contains 'Village Wooing' and 'How He Lied to Her Husband', which both explore the nature of marriage from two diverse perspectives. Both provide a surprising insight into Shaw's evolving views on the position of women and marriage, presenting a subtler, more everyday heroine in contrast to the strident female characters that he is better known for.

Both productions are directed by Robert Gillespie, and feature Alan Francis, Josh Harper, Viss Elliot Safavi, Madeleine Hutchins, and Mark Fleischmann.

In 'Village Wooing' we see a reverse of Pygmalion, which sees an upper class, educated travel writer discovering the realities of the working world when he meets a chatty phone operator on a mission to marry him.

'How He Lied To Her Husband' is a one-act comedy written as a response to the age-old husband, wife and lover theatrical framework. Set in the drawing room of a London flat, the play tells the story of a wife who has lost the poetry written for her by her lover, soon to be discovered by her husband Teddy.

Jane Nightwork Productions describes itself as a small-scale theatre company that presents new works and rarely played lesser known works based around the core themes of relationships between men and women.

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