Signs Of A Star Shaped Diva at Stratford East from 27 Jan

Graeae Theatre Company presents Signs Of A Star Shaped Diva, by Nona Shepphard, at the Theatre Royal Stratford East Theatre, in east London, from 27 Jan to 6 Feb 2010.

This one woman show stars Caroline Parker and is directed by Jenny Sealey and Nona Shepphard.

No one remembers mousy old Sue, the undertaker from Bingley Bridge. No one knows she is a Diva fanatic, until the day she is offered a cabaret spot at Harry’s Place. Overnight, Tammy Frascati is born and Sue finds herself hurtling to stardom and Las Vegas, signing the songs of her favourite Divas, Billie Holiday, Dusty Springfield, Ella Fitzgerald and Gloria Gaynor. But as success beckons Tammy, a handsome stranger pierces Sue’s heart. What can she do, can she have both?

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