Skin Tight by Gary Henderson at Park Theatre

Epsilon Productions presents Skin Tight by Gary Henderson, at the Park Theatre, in Finsbury Park, north London, from 16 July to 11 Aug 2013.

Directed by Jemma Gross and designed by Jessamy Willson-Pepper, the cast includes Angela Bull, John Schumacher.

A highly physical and fiercely romantic story of enduring love, set in New Zealand from the 1940s through to the present day. Tom & Elizabeth refuse to succumb to the brutality of old age and the numbing of flesh and mind, through their memories we see them relive their darkest secrets, deepest passions & heartbreaking truths. We observe them as childhood sweethearts swimming in the lake to the anger of the uncertainty of war & their realisation that throughout the moments of doubt that life has thrown at them, as long as they can be together, they wouldn’t change a thing. This is their final chance to say all the things they never had the chance to before.

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