Sleeping Beauty - One Little Prick at the Stag

Sleeping Beauty - One Little Prick is coming to Above the Stag Theatre, Victoria, from 25 Nov 2011 - 08 Jan 2012.

Sleeping Beauty - One Little Prick, written by Jon Bradfield and Martin Hooper, directed by Paul Taylor Mills, produced by Peter Bull for ATS (Above the Stag Theatre), lighting by Richard Lambert, costumes and design by David Shields.

It’s 1911 (just before Downton Abbey) and a greedy Wicked Fairy puts a terrible curse on his nephew, Beauty, the young heir to Stratford Manor. The tiniest prick could see him stiff on his back for good, and only a mysterious prince from Tinselvania and the inept Fairy Glowstick can save him.
100 years later, Beauty is woken with rather more than a kiss. He finds Stratford preparing for the Olympic Games, and a world changed beyond all recognition. He can even get married – but settling down is the last thing he wants to do...!

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