Stag at the Courtyard Theatre from 11 Oct

Stag at the Courtyard Theatre, Hoxton north London, from 11 Oct - 16 Oct 2011

Written and produced by Giles Morris.

Directed by Lora Mander

A darkly comic drama about a stag night in eastern Europe that goes disastrously wrong. Two friends, John and Davvo, are reunited in the same dilapidated ex-Soviet city where they worked together as teachers a decade before. While John teeters on the brink of comfortable marriage, best man Davvo has chosen a life of free-wheeling debauchery. But they find the city where their friendship blossomed has been transformed from romantic decay to soulless conformity. And it’s not just the city that’s changed in the intervening years. Over the course of an evening, they probe each others’ insecurities, finally agreeing to spend a lost weekend together, during which their friendship is tested to crisis point.

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