Stones in His pockets to close 2 Dec 2006

Stones in His pockets to close 2 Dec 2006

Due to ill health Hugh Lee has had to withdraw from Marie Jones' Stones in his Pockets, therefore the show is to close on 2 Dec 2006 at the Duchess Theatre. (It was originally booking to 3 March 2007)

A press statement said, "It has not been possible to rehearse another actor as the dynamics of the piece need two people to perform together as a team in this complex play. There was no time even to find a leading actor from previous productions to rehearse...The play cannot be presented without covers. It hasn’t been possible to find another alternate cast and to rehearse them. It is hoped to bring back ‘Stones In His Pockets’ in a year’s time."

Simon Delaney and Hugh Lee started previews from 1 Nov 2006, but after a couple of days Hugh Lee became ill resulting in the open (press) night on the 6th November being cancelled.

The show has continued to be performed by the alternate cast John Cronin and Conrad Kemp.

It is directed by David Bownes. (Original direction is by Ian McElhinney). It is designed by Jack Kirwan, lighting by Graham McLusky, produced by Paul Elliott and Pat Moylan.

Stones in his Pockets is set in a village in County Kerry where a Hollywood film is being shot. The actors play 15 different roles - the extras, the spoilt star Caroline, the crew plus various locals.

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