Sun by Alan Fielden at St Leonard's Church

National Art Service presents the world premiere of Sun, written and directed by Alan Fielden, at St Leonard’s Church, a fringe venue in Shoreditch east London, from 5 Feb to 2 Mar 2014.

Lighting by Ziggy Jacobs, costume by Rachel Good, sound by Pete Malkin. Cast includes Anna Martine, Jack McMahon, James Murray-Perton, Lydia Orange, Malachy Orozco, Loukia Pierides, Daniel Somerville, Duncan Wilkins, Oyinka Yusuff.

A young girl practices her piano, a couple remember, twins boil water, strangers fall in love. And then the world begins to end: fire and ash, dinosaurs, hurricanes, volcanoes, secrets ... The play explores various themes, such as what humans would keep in the face of extinction and how we might be remembered by future generations.

Up to forty members of the audience are invited to walk between two separate performances within the nave of the church, where they can absorb delicate fragments which form a ‘painting with words’, created using elements such as light, darkness, height, sound and distance.

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