Tangent by Waxwing Theatre at New Diorama Theatre

Tangent, devised by Waxwing Theatre, with their signature mix of movement and words, at the New Diorama Theatre, north London, from 22 May to 9 June 2012.

Maths – how difficult can it be? Very – given the distractions students have to face: adolescence, love affairs, peers hell bent on disruption and teachers struggling to cope.Two 15 year olds - both struggling with an exam they have to pass. One, a girl at a failing school who wants to learn but can’t – learning seems to be the last thing the school is set up to do. The other, a midshipman in Nelson’s navy 200 years ealier. On board his warship he must learn to navigate and to do that he must learn his maths.

Directed by Ed Bartram, cast includes Erica Bartram, Janet Harrison,Toby Hughes, Peter Kenny, David McLaughlin, Maisie Turpie, Alex Shenton, Jermaine Smith, Jolyon Westhorpe .

Designed by Rachael Smith, sound by Max Pappenheim, lighting by Anna Sbokou, choreography Alexandra Green. Story/Plot Development: Mike Carter

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