" The Anniversary" to close 16 April 2005

" The Anniversary" to close 16 April 2005

Bill Macilwraith's The Anniversary is to close at the end of its limited run on 16 April 2005.

The play opened at the Garrick Theatre 26 Jan 2005, following previews from 20 Jan, to terrific notices from the popular press: NICHOLAS DE JONGH for THE EVENING STRANDARD says, "A selection box of witty insults and put-downs.." BRIAN LOGAN for THE GUARDIAN says, "Watching The Anniversary is like watching a tag-wrestling bout, in which increasingly unlikely characters deploy ever more improbable manoeuvres to manipulate and abuse one another." CHARLES SPENCER for THE DAILY TELEGRAPH says, "A comedy at once outrageously funny and enjoyably creepy, which finds Sheila Hancock having the time of her life as she delivers a glitteringly, malevolent star performance..... Popular theatre at its best." BENEDICT NIGHTINGALE for THE TIMES says, "An excuse for Hancock to be unstoppably, hilariously, sublimely frightful."

Directed by Denis Lawson and designed by Robin Donn, the cast includes: Sheila Hancock (Mum), Rosie Cavaliero (Karen) Liam Garrigan (Tom) , Tony Maudsley (Henry), Madeleine Worrall (Shirley).

Set in South London, the The Anniversary centres around a formidable and domineering 'merry widow' who delights in getting the better of her family. On the day of her and her late husband's wedding anniversary, her beloved sons and bedevilled daughters-in-law gather for the annual party that quickly turns into a battle of wits as 'Mum' schemes, plots and uses any means necessary to keep her chicks in the nest.

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