The Bacchae by Resuscitate Theatre at various Venues

Resuscitate Theatre presents Euripides' The Bacchae adapted by Anna Marshall, at various London venues this Spring.

The Camden People's Theatre, near Warren Street, central London 24th to 27th April 2012; Southwark Playhouse Vaults on 29th April; Theatro Technis Theatre near Camden, north London 21 to 27 May; and part of the The Accidental Festival at The Roundhouse in Camden, on 2 June 2012.

It is directed by Anna Marshall & Oscar Wyatt, designed by Libby Todd & Ni Wen, lighting by Oscar Wyatt, costumes by Sakura Fujibayashi & Harriet Dyson, and sound by Jing Ng.

Cast includes Sid Phoenix, Damien Hasson, Alice Knapton, Alex Gibson, Stevie Hall, Charlotte Eve, Marion Geoffray, Natalie Imlay, Meena Rayan, Penny Rodie, Emily Hodgson, Fergal Phillips, Matt Gibbs, Kris Huball .

The story of Pentheus - a stubborn king, unwilling to accept a new and exciting God, Dionysus. Intent on proving his worth as a deity and with the help of his chorus of puppets Dionysus sends the women of the city into a drink induced frenzy. Blinded by rage and arrogance, Pentheus will stop at nothing to see the deviant Dionysus destroyed

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