The Basement Window to play Theatro Technis

Spanish playwright Antonio Buero Vallejo's The Basement Window, directed by Daniel Fais, will be staged at Theatro Technis near Mornington Crescent in north London from 10 Jun to 15 Jun 2014.

Synopsis: 'Researchers of a distant future study certain events and attitudes of the twentieth century as an exercise in ethics. The events presented by the researchers focus on the problematic relationship between two very different brothers (Vicente and Mario) who both try to help their parents to overcome the financial and emotional hardships caused by the Spanish Civil war. However, in doing so they always avoided addressing the crucial event which made their father lose his mind and subsequently retreat into a fantasy world which consists mainly of cutting out people from postcards and magazines, as well as observing passers-by through the window of their basement flat. As the tensions between the brothers grow and the condition of their father worsens, Mario and Vicente understand that they finally have to face the family tragedy which they both could not forget in all those years and which is about to destroy their family forever. The Basement Window is a play about love, death, guilt and redemption in which Buero Vallejo combines concepts of Aristotelian theatre with elements of Epic theatre.'

The creative team behind The Basement Window features video, stage design and production by Eva Terzoni and lighting design by Raffaele Cericola.

The play is produced by Theatro Technis and Daniel Fais.

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