The Custard Boys based on novel by John Rae at Tabard

Boys of the Empire Productions presents The Custard Boys, based on the novel by John Rae, adapted and directed by Glenn Chandler, at the Tabard Theatre, fringe venue in Chiswick, west London, from 10 Apr to 12 May 2012.

The story features 5 teenage evacuees from London to the Norfolk countryside who are itching to join the grown up ‘playground’ of World War II. Their chance to seize their moment of glory comes as the competition escalates between their gang and the local lads. When an Austrian pacifist Jew is thrown into the mix and a secret love between 2 of the boys is realised, a heady cocktail of harsh reality is waiting to explode.

The cast includes Jack Cameron (Lewis Craig), Charlie Cussons (John Curlew), Jack Elliot Thomson (Peter Joy), Josh Hall (Felix Hearse), Marco Petruccos (Willy Aldrich), Tom Sanderson (Jacob Freen), Andrew St Pierre (Mark Stein).

The play has designs & costumes by Cecilia Carey, lighting by Elliot Griggs.

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