The Death Of Tintagel at People Show Studios from 25 Oct

The Death of Tintagel, by Peter Morris based on Maeterlinck's 1894 La Mort de Tintagiles, at the People Show Studios, in Bethnal Green, east London, from 25 Oct to 6 Nov 2010

Directed by Vik Sivalingam, designed by Nik Corrall, lighting by Jason Osterman, sound by Austin Spangler. produced by Anna Sulan Masing in association with Saltpeter Productions.

Starring Freddie Machin (Tintagel), Vera Chok (Ygraine), Caroline Kilpatrick (Belangere), Adrian Gillott (Aglovale), Catriona James, Grace Willis, David Black.

'More than a boy now. Not yet a man' - the young Prince Tintagel is summoned home by his grandmother. Summoned home to his death, a fate unbeknown to him. His sisters, Ygraine and Bellangere, with the help of the castrated servant Aglovale try to stop the Queen's handmaidens from taking Tintagel to the depths of the Tower, to his impending death. Can the love of his sisters suspend destiny? Can the will of Ygraine change the inevitable?

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